Will Hurricane Florence Be Hitting Charlotte?

Charlotte residents are bade to pay attention to the forecast station as there is a chance the town might get hit by Hurricane Florence. Brad Panovich, the chief meteorologist, said that a slight changes in the track of Hurricane Florence could have a negative impact on their town.

It is expected of some rain early in the morning on Friday which will continue to Saturday and Sunday. The wind will be traveling at a speed of 30 – 35 mph during the storm. Some trees may fell but it won’t be a big deal unless the wind shifts track to the west or south. This is because the wind is constantly rotating in counter clockwise direction. The heaviest damage usually will occur on the west or east side.

According to Panovich, even a slight shift in the wind track can intensify the rain storm to stall up to 20 inches of rain in town. He said that the trees would fell not because of the 30 mph wind but because of the soggy ground. It already started raining on Monday in Charlotte area and it will also rain in the following day.

If the real hurricane arrive, there will be even heavier rain which can cause the ground to be even more wet. If Charlotte gets hit by hurricane, it would take place in the late night on Thursday or on Friday morning. No one would be able to observe any sign of hurricane until the morning of Friday. Charlotte is having light rain which is estimated to be 2 – 5 inches right now.

The rainfall is expected to increase as you head towards the east, for example, Union County and Anson County. Carolina is not as safe as Charlotte, and it is expected to have up to 40 inches of rain when it get hit by Hurricane Florence. The news about the approaching hurricane has caused many sporting events in Charlotte to be rescheduled to take place in the east part of North Carolina. Schools have also rescheduled their games to Wednesday or Thursday.

Charlotte is the town that was hit by Hurricane Hugo in September of 1989. It remains a warning sign on how shift in the storm wind could cause destruction located far inland. The forecasters are still uncertain about its track as the storm does not have enough guiding influence. Hurricane Florence is not going to be as devastating as Hugo even though it would make a heavy landfall.

Hurricane Hugo starts from a tropical storm in an African coast. As it move towards the west, it start to develop into a hurricane. It travels towards northwest in Caribbean before heading straight to Carolina and landed on Charleston on the 22nd September 1989. Afterwards, it travels to Charlotte with a sustained wind speed of 69 mph. The storm brought a lot of destructions and always caused 21 people to be killed in the US.

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