Storm Damage

Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup and Property Repair Services

The damage a storm leaves behind can seem overwhelming to a homeowner. Wind, hail, rain and even tornadoes can break windows, flood property and destroy roofs leaving the property owner wondering what to do next. There are companies and organizations that can help the homeowner recover in these situations.

Document and Assess the Damage

Documentation is critical in receiving reimbursements for storm damage repairs and recovery. Start by snapping some pictures of the damage and take some notes while assessing the situation. Note any damage to shingles, broken windows in water damage within the home. Be careful, don’t approach wet or damaged electrical outlets or breaker panels. If the storm is widespread, local government officials may request damage assessments and report the information to the Federal Emergency Management Administration. Contact your property insurance agent and begin the claim process.

Safety First

Check for damages that pose additional risks to people or property. For example, mark the area around a damaged tree that could fall. Confirm that the entire family, including pets, are safe and accounted for and notify friends or family outside the storm area that everyone is safe. Once every one is safe, attempt to secure irreplaceable items like photographs or family heirlooms. Check with local emergency officials concerning the safety of drinking water and local road closures.

Contact Repair Services

Contact repair services with the proper abilities for your situation. For example, contact a tree service to remove wind damaged trees or branches. Call a roofing company if the shingles were damaged in the wind. If the damage to the home is more general, damage to windows, roof and trees, a general contractor may be required. Depending on the severity of the storm, these contractors may be extremely busy. Contact local emergency management officials for recommendations. In extreme storm damage situations, volunteers may provide assistance in making a property safe and secure.

Watch for Scams

Storm damage often brings opportunists who attempt to capitalize on the suffering of others. Have any repair work done by local licensed contractors. Avoid contractors that suddenly appear in the area after the storm. Often these companies will not be around if problems occur with the repair work.

Keep it Together

Storm recovery is stressful for individuals and families. Watch for signs of stress especially in children who may feel insecure. Keep all estimates and receipts for storm damage repairs. You will need to provide this information to your insurance company as part of the claim process. Document the work that was done by contractors and maintain a list of any do-it-yourself storm damage repairs. Document any lost wages or emergency housing costs incurred during the storm repair process.

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