Why Black Mold in Your Attic Should Be Cleaned by a Professional

It is necessary to hire a professional mold remediation service if the black mold growth covers a large area that is more than 10 square feet. Upon detecting black mold growth, you must not postpone your plan to get rid of it. The hope of wanting to save some money can eventually have serious consequences on the health of your family. Mold spores can cause allergies and aggravate certain ailments, for example, respiratory ailment.

Delaying will only cause the mold to spread to a wider area and contaminate the entire house and its contents. This will make it dangerous to live inside the house. Some homeowners try to cut out of their budget to hire a professional by attempting to use DIY kit to remove the mold.

The truth is that store-bought mold removal kit won’t work for cleaning up mold growth that covers a large area. These kits are primarily used for eliminating small mold problem. If you have no experience, you may end up worsening the situation and cause problems like dry rot. In addition, DIY deodorization product is also not powerful enough to remove the bad smell from the mold damage. Therefore, you should not waste money on such product.

If the mold only appears on surfaces like glass or aluminum, it can be removed manually. However, if the mold has entered into a porous material, you will need to hire a professional to get it removed and uproot all spores that can stir up new growth. When you hire a professional, they will first come to your home with all the equipment for performing an assessment on the area affected by the mold growth. The reason for this is to determine the severity of the mold problem and give you an accurate quote.

If necessary, they will close off the area until they have completed the mold remediation process.
Equipped with advanced detection equipment, they are able to accurately track down where the mold growth has occurred. They can detect the source of the mold growth for example moisture and leaks. Then, they will take the necessary steps to prevent future growth.

The professional mold remediation service knows the proper procedure for killing the mold and cleaning them off the structure. They can carry out the appropriate disinfection on all kinds of household items including walls, carpet and furniture.

They are able to get rid of any material in your house that has been infested with mold. If the structure is widely covered with mold, they can tear down the structure and rebuild it. For example, they can get your drywall and stud with heavy mold infestation replaced. When they finish removing the mold, they will perform an inspection once again to remove all the remaining spores.

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