Mandatory Evacuation for Wakulla County in Preparation for Hurricane Michael

Wakulla County is a county situated along the northern Gulf Coast, which makes it vulnerable to Hurricane Michael. A mandatory evacuation has already been issued in zone A at 8 pm on Monday night. Zone A consists of communities who live by the coast, and in low lying areas.

However, the county is not opening up any free shelter to aid the residents. This is because all the shelters in the county are rated Category 2 only. Right now, Hurricane Michael has already turned into a Category 3 storm and traveling at 111 mph speed.

Although it does not have any safe shelter, it provides van shuttles to bring those who need to evacuate to Leon County where they can find shelter. A van shuttle is available at Bayside Plaza in Panacea starting at 12:30 pm on Tuesday. You can take a second van shuttle at 3:30 pm if you cannot make it to take the first shuttle.

If you are with special needs, the shuttle will take you to Florida High School for shelter. If you don’t have any special need, the shuttle will take you to Lincoln and Godby High Schools. Zone B and Zone C have received voluntary evacuation orders. Voluntary evacuation order is also issued to those living in mobile homes or other weak structures.

If you are near to Zone A, you should also follow the mandatory evacuation order. This is because Hurricane Michael will possibly be a big hurricane that wreck a lot of havoc. The storm surge is predicted to reach at least 8 – 12 feet. If you need sandbag, you can go to the Sheriff office to obtain them. Each person is limited to take up to 10 sandbags in per trip. Residents are encouraged to follow up on the media outlets to get updated on the latest weather news.

Boat owners should get ready their boats for the hurricane. Tons of people are towing their boats along with them as they evacuate from the town. If you can’t tow the boat with you, you can dock it up at the local marina. To prepare for the hurricane, Rock Landing Marina has taken in their floating docks from the water. According to the general manager of Rock Landing Marina, only a small number of people have come for their boats.

At the moment, there are still 150 boats left in the boat house. As the wind pick up, it will be more difficult to transport the boat to a safe place. The boat house at Rock Landing Marina is built to endure a storm surge of up to 7 feet and a wind speed not exceeding more than 150 mbps.

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