Midwest Expected to See More Snow This Week

The United States is in for another winter storm, set to parts of the Midwest this week. This new winter storm is called Nikia. Nikia is going to affect some of the same places as the previous Winter Storm Maximus that we just had a few days ago. Winter Storm Nikia will affect plains to the Midwest and Northeast going into Wednesday, and will create some traveling problems. There have already been winter storm warnings in advance to the storm for the Rockies all the way to southern Maine.

Winter Storm Nikia in northern and central Rockies isn’t going to be as near as bad as the Winter Storm Maximus we just experienced. The amount of snow that is predicted is only within a few inches, which will be welcomed warmly for many residents in the Midwest.

The areas that will be affected the most by this winter storm will spread from Colorado to the northern Texas Panhandle, northern Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, southern Iowa, northern and western Missouri, central Illinois, northern Indiana, northern Ohio and far southern Michigan. The total amount estimated of snowfall may exceed 10 inches according to the Weather Channel Meteorologists. Also the wind gusts will increase due to this cell, making for difficult travel conditions, such as snow drift.

During this Winter Storm Nikia there are also some ice storm warnings, there will be a some freezing rain and sleet and will affect central Oklahoma to Arkansas, the middle Mississippi valley and the Ohio river.
The Weather Channel states that “No matter what type of precipitation that any given location sees, travel problems are likely to be widespread Tuesday into early Wednesday, including on stretches of I-80, I-70, I-29, I-35, I-55 and I-65.”

The states that will be impacted by this Winter Storm Nikia and receive the most amount of snow will be Boston and the Ney York area, getting up to more than six inches and it could even get up to a foot of snow. Stay tuned to your local weather authority or The Weather Channel for any updates that could occur with winter storm Nikia.

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