Winter Weather Woes Continue for Northeast

People living on the East Coast are yet again digging out after another winter storm has brought snow and bone-chilling cold. This latest massive winter storm packed heavy snow, strong winds and arctic cold temperatures that resulted in numerous flight cancellations, government office shut-downs and traffic accidents. While the big storm stretched across the country from Kentucky up into the Northeast, it’s biggest impact was along the heavily populated I-95 corridor. Snow started coming down early Tuesday in Philadelphia and by Wednesday morning there were up to 14 inches of new snow on the ground. New York saw nearly that much as did New Jersey where 13 or more inches came down.

While people in Boston only had to deal with about 4 inches of new snow this week, other areas of Massachusetts were not so fortunate as some places were hammered by up to 18 inches of white stuff. It has been a tough week for travelers in the East as roadways were very slippery due to the heavy snow and ice. Commuters all along the East Coast spent many long hours packed like sardines in train cars and inching along motorways in heavy snowfall trying to get to where they were going.

On Wednesday, officials in both Philadelphia and Boston ordered schools to shut their doors. Schools were also closed in Rhode Island, Connecticut, parts of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC and Maryland. Over 1,600 flights were canceled in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore mid-week which caused major travel headaches for tens of thousands of people.

The latest round of cold air and heavy snowfall has resulted in numerous power outages. The bad winter weather is also taking a big bite out of the wallets of those homeowners who rely on propane for heat. People who find they need to fill their tanks are seeing that they have to now pay $100 to $200 more per fill-up due to rising prices caused by a shortage of propane. Even home and business owners who use natural gas are seeing higher bills now simply because they’ve used more fuel this winter trying to ward off the bone-chilling cold.

People living along the East Coast are not the only Americans suffering through this latest bout of extreme winter weather. Midwesterners are very winter weather weary as well. Large amounts of snow fell across the Midwest this week as did ice which took down tree limbs and power lines in many areas. In all, from the Midwest to New England, over 120 million people are once again bundling up against extremely cold temperatures, snow, ice or all three. While some people are taking it all in stride, others are truly struggling and want it to be all over.

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