More Cold Weather Headed For the Midwest This Week

Residents of the Midwest and Northeast are in for another swath of cold air this week, just as the temperatures were beginning to warm up slightly. The “polar vortex” as it is called, swept through the United States over the past couple of weeks, bringing with it frigid and numbing temperatures, as well as snow accumulations. By definition, this polar vortex is a large cell of low lying pressure that lies around the Arctic during the winter season. Usually, it never reaches the United States. But this year the air surrounding this vortex has caused subzero temperatures and large amounts of snow. This air surrounding the vortex shattered records all over the country for temperatures below average for the season and another round of cold air is already making its way across the upper Midwest, and headed for the Northeast.

When the weather is cold like this, it makes it quite easy for pipes to burst, therefore causing water damage on properties. Our team of experts has deployed professional technicians from all over the country to help out residents in the Midwest during this cold weather crisis. Our teams have been working day and night to ensure that our customers are getting their properties dried out and water extracted. There have been many reports of water damage due to burst pipes as well as ice dams. Now is the time to insulate your pipes, if you haven’t already because another swath of subzero temperatures is going to be moving through the Midwest and Northeast throughout the week and into the weekend.

Luckily, this pattern of cold air is not expected to be as cold as the “polar vortex” that hit last week was. The temperatures will still be quite cold, but not into the negative teens like they had been. The last cell of cold temperatures only stayed in the United States for a couple of days. Because there are many cold fronts that will be dominating each other, this cell could last up to a week or longer. Residents of the Northeast and Midwest can expect strong wind gusts and brutally cold temperatures into the weekend. It would be a good time to insulate any pipes that are not covered if you have not already, and take the proper precautions for your home so that no water damage can occur.

By Tuesday, this pattern will make its way into the Northeast. New York City may see to see 4-8 inches, while Washington D.C is expected to receive 3-7. Unfortunately, the accumulation will be able to stay around for a longer period of time because of just how cold the temperatures will be. Because of the sub-freezing temperatures are affecting such a large population, a lot of damage is expected to occur to many homes and businesses.
If you are living in the South and Southwestern states such as California and Texas, you can take comfort in the fact that you will be experiencing dry and warm conditions for the most part. Temperatures in the Southeast will dip into the teens by the end of the weekend.

If you have unfortunately experienced any damages due to burst pipes or malfunctioning equipment because of the cold temperatures, we are the company to call. Disaster Pros is fully equipped to handle any of your restoration needs due to cold weather. Our Clean Trust Certified Technicians are working around the clock to ensure that these customers are receiving excellent service in their time of need. We can help you with any water damage or flooded basement disaster you may have, call Disaster Pros today!

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