Central United States Hit with Frigid Temperatures and Snow Storms

Over the past week, the United States has seen colder than normal temperatures. Winter Storm Cleon, the third named storm of the season, has dumped snow from the Rockies all the way to the upper Midwest. A mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain has overtaken parts of the Southern Plains to the Ohio Valley as well. As we close out the last weekday, winter storm Cleon is expected to pack its last punch. Instead of freezing rain, the Southern Plains will be experiencing large amounts of snow. The cold air is not only affecting the central United States, it is also going southward. Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee are also experiencing a band of cold temperatures as well as precipitation due to this large cell.


Snow is also expected to move into northern and central Pennsylvania, as well as western and central New York. Travel may be difficult for residents in the Southern Plains because of black ice and snow on the roadways. The snowfall will eventually drift off into the Ohio Valley and sweep throughout the Northeast. The cold air is significantly strong, which will mean larger snow totals for many residents living in New York and Pennsylvania will increase, but ice totals will decrease. The total snowfall is expected to reach up to 6 inches in some states that are being blasted with this cold air.


Flights are expected to be delayed in many states that are experiencing extreme amounts of snowfall.  Behind Winter Storm Cleon is Winter Storm Dion, another winter storm cell following closely behind. This storm will produce snow in the western states through Saturday along with snow, sleet and freezing rain in the central and eastern states on Sunday and into Monday. By Friday night, temperatures are expected to go into single digits according to the weather channel. This cold snap due to Winter Storm Cleon and Dion is predicted to last throughout Tuesday for most states. California has even been experiencing temperatures as low as 26 degrees due to this cold weather cell that has been sweeping across the country.


It is always a good idea to stay updated on the progress of such winter storms, as well as having an emergency kit on hand. This snow and ice could freeze or knock down power lines, so it is also a smart idea to have candles or flashlights on hand. Non-perishable food and a first aid-kit are also good items to include in an “In case of emergency” kit! Stay tuned to your local weather authority for updates in your area.

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