Frigid Temperatures Continue & Another Winter Storm Arises

Just as residents were getting over winter storms Dion and Cleon, the east coast will need to brace themselves for a new Winter Storm making its way through the United States this weekend. Winter Storm Electra is making its way across the country; low temperatures and large accumulations of snow can be expected. Luckily for residents of the east coast, it should only be a one day affair. Washington, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston are predicted to be hit the hardest during Sunday. On Monday, the temperatures will rise back into the 40’s and much of the snow will begin to melt. Unfortunately, unseasonably cold weather will continue for residents living near the Rockies, the Northern Plains, and the Midwest.  The temperatures are expected to get to the 30’s and 40’s during the day, and then they will plunge below freezing during Sunday night.


Winter is coming earlier than usual for many parts of the country. Along the High Plains and into the Great Lakes region, temperatures are expected to be 10 to 35 degrees below average. The wind chills are predicted to reach 35 to 45 degrees below in some areas. From the central Appalachians to New England, snow is expected to make its way into Saturday morning. Sleet and freezing rain is expected throughout Illinois and Ohio as well, making for dangerous driving conditions. Traffic will be slow along the interstate highways because of iced-over roads. For the Midwest, 3 to 5 inches of snow can be expected throughout the weekend. By Sunday, this storm cell will taper off and head into parts of Canada. The main cities in the Midwest that will see large accumulations are St. Louis, Cleveland, and Detroit.


Northeastern states such as New York and New England will be seeing the largest amounts of snow over the weekend. 8 to 12 inches can be expected in parts of upstate New York and New England. New Jersey and Pennsylvania will also see cold temperatures, but they will not see large accumulations of snow. These states will see sleet and a mixture of cold rain and snow, but icy conditions are not expected due to warmer temperatures. Also, northern and western Massachusetts, Boston, and Pennsylvania are looking at large amounts of accumulation. Snowfall of over a foot is expected in this area.


During winter storms, or storms of any kind, it is important to have an emergency plan and kit in place in case something was to happen. For cold weather; blankets, a first aid kit, and flashlights are always a good idea. When there are dangerous conditions on the roadways, it is vital to drive slowly to avoid sliding and drifting. Always stay tuned to your local weather authority for updates on the ever-changing weather systems!

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