Temperatures Throughout the Country Expected to Drop for the Holidays


Within the next week, temperatures throughout the whole country are expected to drop. As winter storm Boreas makes its way across California and the plains, the Midwest will stay fairly dry. As the temperatures drop, the possibility of ice and snow continues to rise. For the Midwest states, the weekend will be dry with possible chances of sleet and ice. Michigan will stay in the high 30’s, while states like Ohio and Indiana will be in the mid 40’s. The reason for this chilly weather is the arrival of winter storm Boreas. A frontal system spreading rain through the Southeast U.S. Tuesday may eventually team up with a plunge of sufficiently cold air arriving from southern Canada and the Great Lakes.

So the main question is: will there be snow for the holiday? The answer is yes, and no. For the northeast, there definitely will be a chance of snow lingering into Thursday. For parts of the Midwest like Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, there will not be any snow. Many of the Southern states will experience milder weather in the high 60’s. Northern parts of Michigan will be experiencing some snowfall, but not enough for it to accumulate because the temperatures will not be low enough. From Boston to Washington D.C, we can expect mostly rain and no snow. With that being said, we cannot rule out light snow accumulations on the tail end of the storm Boreas, mainly in the western and northern suburbs. The most likely patch of snow will arrive throughout the Appalachians to New York, Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania. The early indications of the storm suggest that the snowfall will probably not exceed a foot at the extreme.

The southern plains will be receiving more sleet than anything going into late Saturday to Sunday, possibly persisting into early Monday. Central Texas will be experiencing north to northeast winds, and you can expect at least some downed tree limbs and power outages in this area. Bridges and overpasses will become dangerous, and many roads can become slick as well.

It is always important to prepare for such weather conditions by dressing appropriately and making sure that you always have an emergency kit available at all times. If the roads are slick and the weather is bad, try to stay off of the roads as a safety precaution. Always stay tuned to your local weather authority for changes in the forecast.


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