Severe Weather a Possibility for the Midwest This Weekend

For the Midwest, November has been chilly thus far. Some states have even experienced their first snowfall of the season over the last week. The temperatures have steadily been in the 30s-40s throughout November, but temperatures are expected to soar throughout the weekend. From Chicago to New York City the temperatures are supposed to rise from the 40’s, to the 60’s and 70’s. The lows for this week have been in the 20’s for states like Illinois and Massachusetts. This frigid weather is unusual for November, meteorologists say.  Many residents will gladly welcome this warm front that is headed through the Midwest this weekend. Washington D.C is even expected to rise into the 70’s on Sunday. In the south, Georgia was experiencing temperatures as cold as 28 degrees over the week, but can expect the high for the weekend to also climb into the mid 70’s. On Monday, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Pennsylvania can expect temperatures from the 50’s to the 60’s.


Friday is forecasted to be dry for the Midwest, but isolated showers are possible in Missouri. From the central plains to the Ohio valley, highs are expected to be in the 50’s. Thunderstorms are very possible due to the warm front coming in throughout the weekend. These thunderstorms will increase Saturday night and throughout Sunday from Missouri and Iowa to the Great Lakes Region and the Ohio Valley. Some of these thunderstorms could potentially be very severe with wind damage and isolated tornadoes a possibility. By Sunday, wind-driven rain will soak cities such as Detroit, Indianapolis, and Columbus. The combination of the rain soaked ground and strong gusts of wind can knock down trees and power lines as the storm makes its way through the Midwest. Many flights may have delays due to the winds, particularly for Detroit and Indianapolis. Blinding downpours are also predicted, so residents who are traveling by car can expect slow travel along Interstates 90, 70, and 64. From Sunday, a blast of colder air will spread throughout the Northern Plains and then over the entire region on Monday. Throughout next week, the region can expect the chilly temperatures to return.

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