Severe Weather in Forecast for Upper Midwest through Great Lakes

Forecasters in the US are keeping an eye on a potentially severe weather system along the northern border to Canada as it could end up bringing severe weather to the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes later this week. On Wednesday, there’s a chance that severe thunderstorms could erupt along the northern ridge of the Rocky Mountains as well as in New England where high wind and large damaging hail could occur.

On Thursday, forecasters are saying that some significantly severe thunderstorms could break out across portions of the Great Lakes and Northeast that could carry through into the upcoming weekend. This is because a cold front and an upper level dip in the jet stream is going to slice through the very hot and humid air over those portions of the country. There could be a few very powerful thunderstorms developing in those areas that bring with them damaging high wind gusts over the next few days as the system takes shape.

Further west, forecasters are saying that severe thunderstorms are possible across portions of the Northwest Wednesday afternoon. In locations such as Butte, Montana, some of these storms could produce large hail, wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour and brief episodes of very heavy rain along with cloud-to-ground lightening. If that type of weather does occur, it could very well damage buildings, crops and vehicles and even start fires due to lightening strikes.

For folks living in the East, there may be some relief in sight this coming weekend from the suffocating heat and humidity. The heat wave that is baking the eastern portion of the United States and which stretches across an area from the Windy City to the Big Apple, may finally come to an end to provide relief to tens of millions of Americans. However, in its place there could be thunder, high gusting winds and lightening as forecasters are calling for thunderstorms behind the heat wave.

It’s likely that the Chicago and Detroit areas will be hit with some pretty severe weather on Friday. Around 86 million people live in the path of the severe weather that’s heading to the Midwest toward the end of the work week and into the weekend. The Storm Prediction Center said Wednesday that there’s a 30 percent chance of severe storms from Chicago to New York on Friday and then from Cincinnati to New England on Saturday.

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