Midwest Storms Caused Many Headaches in Several States

They say when it rains, it pours and it certainly did that across the Midwest Wednesday as a series of severe thunderstorms barreled across that part of the United States, dumping a whole lot of water. Storms packing damaging winds, hail and torrential downpours ripped across the Midwest mid-week posing a significant risk to lives and property.

States affected by the bad weather Wednesday include Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee and Virginia. There was three feet deep water left on roads northeast of Youngstown, Pennsylvania Wednesday due to flash flooding. Flash flooding also took place across the central portion of Pennsylvania including in State College, the hometown of Penn State University.

The severe weather that clobbered Ohio Wednesday has left several counties there under flash flood watches for the next couple of days. Residents living in northwest Ohio are being told to keep an eye on quickly rising rivers and creeks including the Sandusky and Blanchard rivers. In Bellville, Ohio, the American Red Cross helped flood victims by providing them with flood clean-up kits after that community experienced serious flash flooding. The Red Cross said that it is planning on opening a shelter in case more rain falls down and drives people out of their flooded neighborhoods. Bellville, which is located in Richland County was most inaccessible Wednesday due to flooding that was caused by the Clear Fork Mohican River overflowing its banks.

Over two dozen people were rescued from flood waters in Roanoke, Virginia Wednesday after a cluster of storms popped up in that southwestern part of the state during the afternoon hours. Over three inches of rain fell in just an hour, closing down roadways in and around Roanoke and prompting several water rescues. Peters Creek overflowed its banks just after 3pm Wednesday which resulted in a rescue team rushing in to ferry over two dozen people to safety including 21 from a local day care center.

The National Weather Service said early Thursday that drenching storms will likely cause flooding from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania up through Raleigh, North Carolina as the severe weather that impacted the Midwest is moving eastward. The service also said that the main threat on Thursday would be flooding with torrential rainfall from these storms.

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