Heavy Rainfall Causes Flash Flooding in San Antonio

Many of the people living in San Antonio, Texas will not have a very pleasant Memorial Day weekend as heavy rainfall has caused widespread flash flooding across that city. In San Antonio neighborhoods which are located near streams, many homeowners reported Saturday that they had several feet of muddy cold water inside their homes.

The heavy rain seemed as though it was coming down in buckets as the city had its second rainiest days in its long history Saturday. In all, nearly 10 inches of rain came down from midnight Friday through Saturday. And, forecasters are calling for more rain Sunday which is not good news for those who dodged the bullet Saturday as the ground in the area is saturated which means more flash flooding is very likely to occur.

Firefighters made dozens of water rescues Saturday across San Antonio as many people were completely caught off guard as fast moving flood waters inundated homes and swept vehicles off roadways, including one city transit bus. Rescuers using a boat were able to pluck the passengers and driver out of the bus before it came to rest in several feet of water. Two people have lost their lives because of the flooding and a third person is missing after he tried crossing a rushing river Saturday.

Many homeowners who experienced flooding spent Saturday evening pumping standing water out of their homes and many were seen across the city carting household items to the curb that were ruined by floodwater. Every stream and river in the San Antonio area flooded over, causing roadways to become covered with water and nearby homes and businesses to flood. The National Weather Service said that more potential flooding is possible for the San Antonio area Sunday as rain is once again in the forecast.

The mayor of San Antonio urged people to stay inside Saturday as the widespread flooding was simply too dangerous to venture out in. He said that if people absolutely had to travel that they should heed all water warnings and use common sense.

San Antonio fire fighters rescued dozens of people from their homes and vehicles Saturday with most being done by boat. The firefighters told local news teams that they would much rather rescue people from a burning building as water rescues by boat are extremely dangerous. During an attempted water rescue Saturday, firefighters came face-to-face with the woman driver when suddenly her car starting rolling in the fast-moving water, landing on top of the rescue boat – forcing the firefighters on board to bail out. When the car rolled off the boat, they climbed back in but by then the woman and her vehicle had disappeared. She was later found dead.

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