Tropical Storm Andrea Will Bring Heavy Rains All Along East Coast This Weekend

Map Of Tropical Storm Andrea Path

The U.S National Hurricane Center has suspected that Tropical Storm Andrea will take its aim at the Gulf Coast of Florida during Thursday, and will move towards Georgia and the southeastern states throughout the weekend. Although Andrea is not suspected to strengthen before it hits the shore, it is predicted that there will be winds of about 60 mph while moving ashore. Tropical storm conditions are expected to hit the Gulf Coast later today within the warning area. Within the next 24 to 36 hours, they are likely to spread to the United States east coast as well. According to the National Hurricane Center, it will not be late this weekend until these conditions hit the eastern coast of the United States.

Tropical Storm Andrea is also expected to cause coastal flooding and heavy rainfall. This could even lead to tornadoes in Florida and in some of the other southeastern states. Since the beginning of the storm, there have only been a few losses of power and no widespread damage has been done.

The tropical storm season begins June 1st, and ends November 30th. This means that we have just begun tropical storm season, and the United States is likely for a very active season in 2013. The National Hurricane Center has predicted that this year alone, there is likely to be 13 to about 20 tropical storms, 7 to 11 of which are suspected to become hurricanes. Three of them are even more likely to be Category 3 or even higher, with winds up to 110 miles per hour. The main concern with Andrea will be strong winds, as well as heavy rainfall. These conditions are suspected to continue into South Carolina and Georgia throughout the weekend. It is always a good idea to have a plan ready if anything were to happen. Having an emergency kit on hand is your best bet

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