Tornadoes Hit Plains and Midwest Area With Potential For More Storms Today

Tornadoes ripped through portions of the mid-section of the country on Sunday, leveling homes and causing lots of damage and some injuries. A mobile home park in Shawnee, OK was leveled by a twister that claimed the life of one elderly resident. That tornado was just one of several that touched down in the country Sunday. There also was hail and high winds moving across the country which were a part of the massive, storm that stretched from Texas all the way up into Minnesota.

Thousands of people in Kansas lost power Sunday afternoon after a tornado struck near Wichita. That was an E1 tornado that had winds of 110 miles per hour. Luckily the twister stayed on the outskirts of the city. Sedgwick County emergency officials reported early Sunday evening that no injuries or fatalities occurred because of the tornado that struck near the Mid-Content Airport southwest of Wichita.

The National Weather Service stated Sunday evening that more severe storms may occur from Texas up to the Great Lakes on Monday as the huge system causing all the trouble is moving to the east. Hail the size of baseballs, damaging wind gusts and twisters are threatening the Midwest Monday. The service said that conditions will be just right for ‘super-cell’ thunderstorms to form. These long-lasting storms are what causes most every significant tornado that forms in the United States and for nearly all hail that is larger in size than a golf ball. Super-cell storms also produce high winds and flash floods so it’s imperative that people in the Midwest keep an eye on the weather forecast as the beginning of the work week could be a wild one weather-wise.

The twisters touching down in Kansas, Iowa and Oklahoma followed on the heels of the deadly tornadoes that swept across northern Texas last Wednesday, destroying numerous homes and cutting off power to thousands. Six people lost their lives because of tornadoes in Texas last week. The National Weather Service said Sunday night that now is the time for people in the US to prepare for the possibility of a deadly tornado strike. It said that flying debris is the biggest danger in a tornado so home shelter spaces should have mattresses, sleeping bags and thick blankets ready for use in a few seconds’ notice.

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