Houston Could Be Under Flood Waters From Tropical Storm Harvey

Tropical Storm Harvey has just been upgraded to a Category 3 hurricane on Thursday and it is making its way towards the coastline of Texas. According to the National Weather Service, the hurricane storm will not only bring downpour of heavy rain but also other conditions like storm surge.

The officials have already made a voluntary evacuation warning asking residents in coastal areas that are at high risk to evacuate. The warning has been issued by Mayor Joe McComb in many places including Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, and Portland. Self serve sandbags have been provided to the local residents.

There are long queues at the supermarket stores and many essential items for the flood preparation are selling out fast. Many schools have also shut down temporarily starting on Friday in preparation of the imminent flooding. All activities that are planned to take place after school and on the weekend have been canceled. The schools also canceled Monday classes.

Many residents have already heeded the announcement and they are making preparations like boarding up windows and doors, and stocking up on the essential items. It is important that you also listen to the announcement for the hurricane preparation and take the necessary actions if you want to avoid the risks of the hurricane to your home and family.

Since Harvey is a Category 3 hurricane, it has the potential of generating life threatening flooding waters in the places starting from Mexico to Louisiana. It is expected that there will be some rain from Harvey in the areas located in the center of the Texas coast this Friday and this will be followed by rain in the areas located by the coast in the weekend.

The storm can bring at least 2 – 8 feet of flooding on different areas situated in the coast. Harvey is also predicted to bring 6- 12 feet of rain in places situated in between Padre Island National Seashore and Sargent. This will be the first rain storm from a hurricane that sustain a wind speed above 110 mph that hits Texas since 2008. The hurricane storm that hits Texas in 2008 has taken away the lives of 21 people. Even though it has happened 9 years ago, the local residents are already familiar with flooding.

Harvey hurricane storm will bring a large amount of rain to towns in the south east part of Texas like Harris County. The situation of the flooding is expected to be the same as the Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 and 2016 Tax Day Floods. People that stay in Greenspoint hope that they will make a better preparation and not end up like the Tax Day flood that hit them last year.

The disaster recovery experts from FireWaterStormPros will have additional crews available from Corpus Christi to Houston to assist with disaster recovery efforts.

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