Florida and South Carolina are Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew started bringing a heavy rainstorm in Cuba at around 8 PM ET on Tuesday. It is considered a very powerful storm with category 4 rating and has wind that blows at a speed of 145 mph. The wind is heading towards the north and it as last tracked blowing in the northeast of Guantanamo at 11 pm ET.

Florida and South Carolina are the two states nearest to Caribbean so its residents are also forced to make preparations to face the storm. The governor of Florida, Rick Scott said that the powerful hurricane storm will definitely cause power outages in many areas in Florida.

Rick Scott has made arrangement for 200 National Guard members to help out when the hurricane strike. He also mentioned that at least 6,000 guardsmen are available for dispatched if the situation becomes even more dangerous. Scott tweeted that there is a possibility that the power outage will last longer than expected. He told the residents that they should pack their things and leave now if possible.

The governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, has issued an emergency evacuation warning to about 1 million residents even though it is not yet estimated how many residents will be affected by the evacuation. They have issued an announcement to tourists in North Carolina that ask them to leave the area because of the approaching hurricane storm. Nathan Deal has also announced emergency evacuation state in 13 counties.

Up to date, Hurricane Matthew has caused the death of 7 people in countries in the Caribbean. it could cause a lot serious damages on the buildings and houses in Florida if it lingers in the region for a lot of days. The hurricane warning has been issued for Lake Okeechobee to Golden Beach.

Hurricane watches have been set up in several areas in Florida from Deerfield Beach and Volusia. Tropical watch is also set up starting from the central region of Florida to Golden Beach including Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Ryan Maue who work for WeatherBell as a meteorologist tweeted that the Hurricane Matthew will create a lot of chaos on Florida east coast from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville. The National Hurricane Center predicted that Hurricane Matthew will arrive on Florida by afternoon on Thursday and the rainstorm is expected to continue until Friday.

If you live near the coast, you should make plans to relocated to a safe place because it can be life threatening to get stuck in the coast. Hurricane Matthew will be the most powerful hurricane to afflict the region up to date ever since 2007. It was later upgraded to Hurricane Felix which was rated in Category 5. Hurricane Felix is responsible for the death of over 130 people in Nicaragua.

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