Professional Cleanup Always Recommended When Dealing With Smoke Damage

Fire can strike quickly, damaging both your home and possessions, yet it is not the fire itself that is the most damaging during and after a fire, nor is it the water that the fire fighters use to put out the flames. The most damaging aspect of a fire is actually the ash and the smoke that is left behind, long after the fire has been extinguished. In fact, smoke damage only worsens over time. Unlike fire, which can be out, there by ending any further damage, smoke will continue to damage both your building materials and personal possessions with each passing day. What’s worse is the longer smoke and ash is allowed to fester, the more damage occurs, and the harder it is to not only remove, but also reverse.

This damage cannot be prevented, but you can reverse it, and prevent it from getting worse. You can only accomplish this with the assistance of a certified Smoke and Fire damage restoration professional. There are many so called “professional restoration services” to choose from these days, but you should only choose a professional that is certified by the IICRC. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the industry gold standard when it comes to property restoration, either by fire, smoke or water. In order to receive their certification through the IICRC, these professionals must attend countless hours of classes and coursework, involving the latest methods to safely reverse property damage due to the elements.
smoke damages

If however you wait to long, you could be sabotaging your chances of restoring everything. The longer that you wait to seek a professionals care, the more damage results. Every single day that passes the damage from ash and smoke intensifies. You might notice plastics are already discolored, soon there after metal finishes begin to yellow and tarnish. Smoke odors will also permeate deeper into your homes building materials, making removing these foul odors difficult, and if too much times passes, perhaps impossible, meaning you will have to replace those building materials to rid yourself of these foul odors.

If you delay hiring a professional today, expect to have to pay much more later on. If you delay treatment and restoration for example, metals may need to be replaced completely. Carpets can and will be permanently discolored. Even glass can be ruined, as a delay in restoration treatments can cause glass to become permeability etched and stained. The residue left behind is highly acidic, and will corrode everything, including building materials from the inside out. If you want your home or business back to normal following a fire, your number one priority should be contacting a certified smoke damage restoration company.

One last piece of advice, you should never attempt to do smoke damage restoration on your own. To achieve a successful rehabilitation of your home, not only do you need extensive knowledge, you also need extensive manpower. Sure you could try it, but you will fail, and to make matters worse, you could inadvertently cause more damage, sky rocketing your costs when you do need to eventually call in the pros.

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