East Coast Flooding Threat Still A Challenge From Hurricane Joaquin

If today is just a taste of the effects of Hurricane Joaquin, the East Coast may be in serious trouble. Flash flood warnings are in effect for Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Charleston, SC has already seen intense flooding. Cars can be seen stranded and flooded in Charleston streets. Much of this rain is due to a stalled front offshore, and very high available moisture. Some of this moisture has come in from the Gulf Of Mexico, which is directly related to the flooding in South Carolina. Urban areas experience more flooding than rural areas, the reason being is that cities have mostly concrete, which cannot absorb record rainfalls like the earth can in rural areas.

Hurricane Joaquin, now a strong category 4 storm targeting the U.S. East Coast. Most hurricane forecast models show Hurricane Joaquin making direct landfall on the East Coast. Granted these models can and do change daily, it is still certain that record rainfalls will occur in several states, causing immense property damage. North Caroline, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C, Parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, And New Jersey are most at risk for torrential rains, from today and into the weekend.

Some states are taking the warning signs very seriously. Take for example New jersey, their Governor, Chris Christie has declared a State of Emergency already, despite Hurricane Joaquin not yet making landfall in the U.S. He has done so in the face of the severe weather already effecting East Coast states, as well as the possible threat of Hurricane Joaquin. Chris Christie has tweeted today “We are prepared. I need everyone to not panic.” The governor is not trying to cause panic, stating matter of fact way “I’m not here to say Sandy II is coming. I have no way of knowing that. But what I want people to know is if it did, we’re as prepared as you could be to deal with it,”.

There is a storm system which is not related to Hurricane Joaquin, but rather due to a tropical frontal boundary, making its way to the shores of New jersey. They are predicting moderate to major flooding in South Jersey Friday and Saturday due to this storm system. If Hurricane Joaquin veers to close, this system could create perfect storm conditions along much of the Eastern Coastline of the U.S, so many of these states, including new jersey are already preparing for the worst.

As for Hurricane Joaquin, it is too soon to tell what type of damage it will cause. People living along the East Coast need to be prepared however for the worst. This includes having an evacuation plan in place, should your home become flooded. If you live in the danger zones, you should also have supplies on hand to last you 1 week, of food and water. It is far better to be prepared and not need these things, than to need them and not have them.

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