Severe Weather Is Pummeling Iowa With Flooding and Storm Damage

After the severe weather Iowa experienced over the weekend, relief is not in sight yet, as Monday has already seen severe flooding and storms roll through The Hawkeye State. The bad weather will continue at least from the afternoon till the late evening hours. The atmosphere become destabilized by the afternoon which led to very quick rolling storms throughout much of the state. This destabilized atmosphere is leading to the risk of weather even more severe than that which the state experienced over the weekend, indeed there are already reports of several tornadoes which have touched down, notably along the Highway 20 corridor. High winds are being blamed already today for property damage in some parts of the stare, with more high winds expected well into the evening hours, with wind speeds of up to 65 mph in some areas have already been recorded this Monday, and winds up to 70 mph are expected, with wind gusts of up to 80 mph possible. This could lead to massive property damage in some areas of the state. Hail up to 2 inches in diameter on average is expected, although there are reports of Baseball sized Hail that has already struck parts of Harrison County. Showers and storms are expected to begin around 2 or 3 pm, and the severe weather should come to an end around 7 pm to 8 pm.

With the ground in many areas of the state so water logged from the massive amount of rain over the last week, flash flood warnings are very high, as today’s rain has no where else to go. The tornado threat is medium today in Iowa, but flooding, hail and wind damage threats are high until the mid evening hours.

Storm damage has been heavy over the weekend, and that trend has continued into Monday. Clinton in Iowa has been devastated with heavy storm damage, affecting many properties in the town. High winds have caused most of the damage, and the bulk of the wind damage has been from falling trees and roofs ripped off due to the wind. Some long time residents report that they have not seen such weather for decades, making this last 7 days a memorable one as far as storms are concerned. Officials are scrambling to deal with the storms aftermath, including removal of fallen tree’s and debris from the affected areas.

Flash flood warnings are high, and area officials have warned that flash flooding is extremely dangerous and moves very quickly. Residents are advised not drive into flooded areas, indeed Cedar Rapids Police and Fire responded to over 300 calls motorists cars that were stranded in flash flooded areas. If you are going to be driving do get a traffic forecast before attempting to drive, as many roads and highways have been affected by the severe weather from the weekend which has continued into day. Property damage is expected in some areas of the state, and several homes have already sustained structural damage, and many other homes have significant water damage from the storms plaguing the state.

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