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Arcadia CA Water Damage Restoration Services & Flood Cleanup

As a property owner in Arcadia, CA you have much to worry about when maintaining your property. Every property owner has to worry about the potential for water damage to the home. Water damage is one of the leading causes nation wide for property damage. Even the smallest leak can lead to thousands of dollars in damage over time if left unattended for to long.

Here is what to do if you are facing water damage to salvage your building materials and personal belongings as well as limit any further damage or loss to your property:

• Shut of your water valve if the water is coming from your pipes or from inside your home or business. If you do not know where your shut off valve is located, it is a good idea to learn it’s location before an emergency happens where every second counts in shutting it off.

• Turn of the power and gas. In the event of serious water damage, such as a flooded basement or major pipe leaks, you may need to turn these Utilities off to protect yourself and those sharing the dwelling with you.

• Circulate the Air inside your home or business. During the 24 to 48 hours it is critical to start circulating the air inside to assist with drying and the prevention of mold.

• Move personal items out of the waters way. Move out any personal belongings that can become damaged by the water to a dry area as quickly as possible. Remove any wet area rugs as the dyes in them can stain your flooring, however do not attempted to remove wall to wall carpets that have become soaked as these will often shrink if removed.

• Do not throw anyway damaged belongings or building materials. If you are going to file an insurance claim, your claims adjustor may require to inspect them. Damage belongings can add money to your claim.

• Document and begin claims process if you intend to file any claim on your homeowners or flood rider policy for the water damage you have sustained. Document any damage with photos and video, it may be needed or helpful with any claim you may have.

• Contact a profession water damage clean up and repairs expert. Professionals like Fire Water and Storm Pros can quickly remove any water from your home or business and employ rapid drying techniques to prevent mold and further damages. They also know the proper methods to restore and repair both water damaged building materials and personal possessions.
When it comes to mitigating any water damage, they key is speed and acting quickly to address the damage, and cleaning up any standing water as well as quickly extracting any water from permeated building materials. Allowing water to sit to long can cause severe structural damage, or even black mold growth that can put your safety at risk and further damage your property. The sooner you address your water damage issue, the sooner your property is back in working order. Quick action is the key to preventing further damage.

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As a leading disaster recovery contractor in the Arcadia area we also provide these additional services, and cleanup, flooded basement cleanup, storm damage cleanup and fire and smoke damage repairs for commercial and residential customers.

Fire Water and Storm Pros of Arcadia, CA offers every service you need for any water based emergency. We have the capability to mitigate and reduce loss to property and personal contents due to flood and water damage. We are open 24 hours a day offering around the clock emergency service. Our team of IICRC certified water damage clean up and remediation specialists can respond quickly to your emergency, often able to arrive at your property in under an hour from the time of your call for assistance. Once on scene we will survey the damage and provide you with a written estimate for services, as well as inform you of the options you have available. If you sign off on the work we will immediately begin the water clean up and restoration process. We start by repairing any leaks you may have, then extracting any standing water, then we employ rapid drying methods and finally begin to repair any water damaged building materials and sanitizing as needed.

Emergency Water Removal, Structural Drying Services in Arcadia, CA

Fire Water and Storm Pros of Arcadia, CA is a FEMA approved contractor with the capability to respond to any water damage emergency. We have over 30 years of extensive experience working in FEMA declared flood or storm emergencies. There is no water based emergency that we cannot handle, we can deal with your broken pipes, backed up sewers, roof leaks, foundation leaks, or sump pump failure with ease. We will immediately begin to minimize any further damage from occurring, clean up the water then begin to repair your damaged building materials. We can even offer cleanup and restoration services for your damaged personal possessions at our off site content restoration facility. We also work to ensure we prevent the spread of mold and mildew in your structure.

We will work with you and your insurance agency in the event you are filing an active claim, or we can offer you direct billing options with our best price guarantee. We are IICRC certified as well as licensed, bonded and insured. If you have water damage, call the water damage clean up and mitigation professionals at Fire Water and Storm Pros today for a free estimate and see what we can do for you.
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