Storms Set To Target Midwest and East Coast This Weekend

Wednesday saw quite severe thunderstorms throughout the North East on Wednesday, but this is nothing compared to what is expected starting on Friday and carrying into the weekend for much of the Midwest and North East. NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center predicts severe storms starting Friday in the Midwest, with Minneapolis and Green Bay in these storms paths, and some areas of the Great lakes may also see heavy thunder storms Friday night including Chicago, Toledo and Columbus. These storms are due to disturbances that will ride along with the jet stream, and cold air at high elevations with very warm temperatures causing the severe weather in the effected regions. Basically the cold air is going to be colliding with the brutal heat the regions have been experiencing over the last week, and this is expected to bring severe thunderstorms from the Midwest to the Northeast, reaching as far as the Atlantic coast.

Millions of people will be affected by the severe weather that will begin on Friday and carry into the weekend. Risks for property damage is expected to be high due to property damaging winds and the strong possibility of rather large hail in some locations. While rain will be an issue in affected regions, the expected rainfall is not expected to cause significant damage in most regions that will be affected by these severe thunderstorms.

While most of this weather is expected Friday, today there is a risk of scattered severe thunderstorms across parts of the northern Rockies and the Northern Planes. The main threats for this region include large hail and high property damaging winds. There are chances of course for isolated tornadoes in these regions, especially for central Montana today. The chances for tornadoes in these areas will depend on if the moisture in the area is adequate over a small spatiotemporal window or not. The upper Midwest might receive the severe thunderstorms early, at least in a portion of the upper Midwest, with down-burst winds and large hail being the primary concern in the upper Midwest, according to the NOAA.

Saturday is when the heaviest severe weather is expected however. A surface low and cold front will advance eastward from the Great Lakes to the Northeast on Saturday, June 11th, causing havoc. Temperatures are expected to be much above normal, from the middle 90s to near 100 degrees F, while heavy rains, high winds and hail will affect areas throughout much of the North East and parts of the Midwest on Saturday. Cities expected to be most hard hit on Saturday include Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia, Washington.

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