Severe Weather Batters the South This Week

A severe system has now broken out over the South, and it is wreaking havoc on all states that it is affecting thus far. There have been reports from Illinois all the way down to Texas and Alabama of severe weather conditions that are knocking out power to hundreds of thousands, flooding streets, and also downing trees. This is a powerful system that doesn’t look like it’s going to lighten up in the hours to come.

The severe threat will begin to dissipate slowly and move towards the east on Wednesday as a deep dip in the jet stream swings eastward. Due to the system moving eastward, this will then change the affected areas to cities along the coast.

This storm has been deadly, as there have been two reports that two people have perished due to the severe weather conditions. On Monday morning, an EF2 confirmed tornado struck the region of Little River County, Arkansas, killing a decorated U.S Marine. This has been the nation’s first killer October tornado since the year of 2009. Also, an Alabama woman perished on Monday afternoon when a large tree plundered onto her property, crushing it entirely.

As we move into Tuesday, the risk of severe thunderstorms moves farther into the southeast. This includes the Appalachians and eastern parts of the Ohio Valley. The most dangerous threats that are to be accompanied with this system are heavy rainfall, flash flooding, tornadoes, and damaging straight line winds as well. The cities that are expected to see the largest impact from these cells are Cincinnati, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Tallahassee.

For this region, Dr. Forbes has issued a TOR:CON of 3 on Tuesday. This means that there is an immediate threat that tornadoes could possibly pop up in the next couple of days.

Once we hit Wednesday, the threat of severe weather will be located from the eastern North Carolina region, southern Pennsylvania, and southern New Jersey. The biggest risk with these storms will be very damaging wind gusts, and the possibility of a tornado can’t be ruled out just yet.

There is a possibility that some severe weather may make an appearance in parts of New England, eastern New York, and Maine on Thursday and will then move into Friday.

Also, flash flooding will be an immediate threat this week for parts of the South, Ohio Valley, and Eastern region. There will be deep moisture that is present along with a cold front, which means that thunderstorms will arise with locally heavy rainfall. This is expected to occur in the Southern Plains, Ozarks and Mississippi Valley on Monday. This system will then shift to the East Coast by Wednesday.

The threat of crippling flooding includes the Northern Gulf Coast, Ohio Valley, Mid-South and Tennessee Valley throughout Tuesday. Some of these areas have already experienced flash flooding, such as Middle Tennessee and north Alabama. This locally heavy rainfall will most likely arrive in the Mid-Atlantic States by Wednesday, and continue in parts of New England into Thursday.

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