Milder Temperatures Predicted for the U.S Over the Weekend

Living in the Midwest and Northeastern states has not been very pleasant as of late. A polar vortex has been making its rounds across much of the U.S, but luckily a warm front will be moving in later this week and into the weekend. Finally this swath of brutally cold air will be moving out of the states and giving residents peace of mind knowing that there is a rise in temperatures to come. Temperatures will rebound to above zero, and there are millions of people who are gladly welcoming this change. The cause of this change in temperature is a change in the weather pattern. The jet stream of arctic air that has wreaked havoc across the Midwest will be replaced with a jet stream coming from the Pacific Ocean. What does this means for residents in the Midwest and Northeast? It means milder temperatures are heading their way, due to the warmer air heading from the Gulf Coast.

To many people’s displeasure, this warming process will not happen quickly. This will be a gradual process that will progress along the weekend into next week. Parts of the Northeast and Ohio Valley will be seeing temperatures above zero for the first time since the beginning of this week. Along with the Northeastern states, the Midwest will also be seeing a warming affect by the end of this week. From Minnesota to Wisconsin, the temperatures will rise sufficiently; with predicted temperatures in the 20’s, which is about the normal average for this time of the year. The largest jump in temperatures will occur on Friday, with temperatures rising to above freezing in parts of the Great Lakes and Northern Plains. The Ohio Valley will see temperatures in the 40’s, while the south can expect temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. This is a welcomed change from the subzero temperatures that these states have experienced for the past week.

As the weekend sets in, we will be seeing above average highs for much of the East and Midwestern states. The states along the east coast will be experiencing quite warm temperatures, as New England and the Hudson Valley may experience 50 degrees. This is quite a jump from below zero temperatures, and this could cause some flooding concerns. Unfortunately, this warm weather will be short lived due to an advancing cold front. Due to this, the Carolina’s and Florida may undergo some strong thunderstorms. This massive jet stream will be accompanied by rain, and there is even potential for some freezing rain to pop up in the Northern region of New England.

Luckily, this cold front won’t be anything like the arctic blast that most of the Midwest experienced over the last week. The highs predicted for Midwest include temperatures from the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s over the weekend, and the central and southern plains can expect temperatures from the 50’s and highs into the 70’s. The East Coast will see highs in the 40’s or low 50’s on Sunday. The forecast may change, and that is why it is important to stay tuned to your local weather authority for updates on your area.

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