Central Texas Hit Again With Heavy Flooding

Residents in the central part of Texas have been dealing with intense flooding since Wednesday night. The city is of Austin has been greatly affected, with over 14 inches already; but it luckily has let up greatly. Light showers may still be possible throughout the day. By 9 A.M, at least 8,500 residents were without power due to the strong storms. An updated number of about 9,800 customers without power were reported at about 10:30 Thursday morning. About 6,500 of them were within the flooded areas according to Texas officials. In downtown Austin, the rainfall has reached about 5 inches. Statues are going underwater, and many buildings are beginning to flood according to the National Weather Service. The areas in Austin that are getting hit the hardest are Bluff Springs and Onion Creek. The heaviest rainfall was reported at about 9 P.M Wednesday night, with about 9 inches being reported in Travis and Hays counties.

Rescue efforts are being reported, and during Wednesday night, rescue teams were dispatched to over 81 flood-related incidents in Travis county and Hays county. This included over 32 water rescues and 46 flood assists. The Austin EOC reports that over 500 to 600 homes have been affected by flood damage. Austin fire crews have already rescued up to 60 people from homes that have been flooded, and rescue efforts are still in effect. Some residents have even had to be rescued from their homes in that area. It has been reported that two boats have been in the water rescuing residents, and that there is also a helicopter that is looking for residents stranded in their homes. It is reported that since the rain began last night, there is about 14 inches on the ground Thursday morning.

Three shelters have been opened for residents in Austin that have had to be rescued from their homes, or that have been displaced from their homes for the time being according to officials. There are also multiple road closures and evacuations underway due to the rising waters. It is very important to turn around if you spot a road that is covered by water. Do not cross it, because more than likely your car will get stranded in the rising waters. It is also a great idea to have an emergency plan and an emergency kit in place for when things such as floods or major weather catastrophes happen. Make sure to stay calm and contact your local emergency services if you are in need of assistance. Stay tuned to your local weather station for any updates on the ever-changing weather.

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