Flash Flooding Likely Over Next Few Days in Southeast

georgia river flood warning

The National Weather Service is doling out some very grim news for millions of Americans who live in the Southeast. The service is warning that the stagnant weather pattern that’s over the nation is going to trigger thunderstorms and torrential rainfall for the upcoming fourth of July weekend just as people are making plans to spend time outside. It also is warning that there’s a very good possibility of flash flooding for many areas of the Southeast stretching from the Atlanta, GA area up into Knoxville, TN.

There are flood watches and warnings already in effect from central Georgia up into the Northeast in anticipation of heavy rainfall. There is also a very good chance that people living in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley will have a very week holiday celebration as those regions will also experience heavy rains which could cause flash flooding there.

Scorching sun and hot & humid conditions in the East will trigger even more humid weather by the week’s end with more rainfall and thunderstorm activity. This weather pattern is shaping up to be one that will end up causing very significant regional flooding over the next few days. The temperatures in the Southeast will soar into the high 80s and low 90s by Wednesday over the Appalachians and the I-95 corridor. The thermometer could climb to over 100 degrees for some time in many inland areas not close to major waters. This extreme heat and unstable weather pattern that’s hanging over the Southeast is creating just the right recipe for very disruptive weather which includes a real threat of flash flooding. The weather pattern is likely to cause localized thunderstorms during the daytime hours which will transform into many rounds of downpours later in the evening and through to the overnight hours. This unstable weather has the potential to dump several inches of rain per day on parts of the Southeast where the ground is already soaked.

The threat of severe weather and torrential rains have already been responsible for the cancellation of at least a dozen fireworks displays and celebrations across the Southeast. With two to four inches at least of rain being forecast to fall across the region over the next couple of days, the National Weather Service is warning people living in that part of the country that they’re going to get very wet on the 4th and that the rainy weather even will extend into Friday.

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