Severe Thunderstorms, Flooding Feared in East

A swath of severe thunderstorms pushing into the eastern portion of the United States on Thursday is threatening to spawn tornadoes, damaging hail and high winds. The real concern with this weather system that’s stretching from northern Pennsylvania into New England is the possibility of significant flash flooding taking place. The system that’s moving it’s way across the country into the East is one in which the thunderstorms it produces will feature strong winds capable of downing trees and powerlines and heavy amounts of rain that comes down in a two or three hour period of time. With much of ground along the path of the storm already saturated, there’s a very real possibility that many people will be spending the upcoming weekend dealing with flooded homes and businesses instead of celebrating Father’s Day.

The National Weather Service said Wednesday that the weather moving into the Northeast is “very dangerous” because it can spawn tornadoes and even derechos where the wind picks up significant speed as the system moves along. This is the same system that dumped several inches of rain in places like Chicago Wednesday. There were more than a dozen tornado sightings in the Midwest Wednesday as well as widespread power outages and flooding in several states. The Midwest got a little bit of everything mid-week as it was battered with heavy rain, hail, lightening, high winds and tornadoes.

Up to three inches of rain is expected to come down in many areas in the Mid Atlantic, from DC and north stretching as far as the state of Connecticut where a flood watch is in effect for the entire Hartford region until early Saturday. As of Thursday morning, there is a flood warning in effect for Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven and Fairfield counties as the heavy rainfall that’s being forecast is threatening thousands of homes and businesses. Those most vulnerable are homes and businesses situated along rivers, creeks, streams as well as those in low-lying areas or in areas with poor drainage.

New York City and it’s surrounding suburbs have already been soaked with up to 7 inches of rain from recent downpours that occurred late last week and Monday. Forecasters say that the rain will start coming down by early afternoon Thursday and will continue falling into Friday morning. As the bad weather moves into the New York area, it’s bringing with it the threat of potential violent storms with strong winds, dangerous lightening and even the chance of isolated tornadoes.

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