Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in New York City and New Jersey

Wednesday was a very busy day weather-wise across New Jersey, New York State, Long Island and the Big Apple. A band of storms moved across the region, dumping a whole lot of rain over a relatively short period of time. During the morning hours, New York City may have broken an all-time rain record for that date as 2.39 inches of rain came down. That much water falling in a short period of time is bound to cause problems and it did. The rain swamped subway platforms, submerged vehicles, closed down entire streets and caused home flooding in numerous basements.

Things were not much better in New Jersey as that state also suffered some flood damage. Entire streets and highways across the state were inaccessible due to flooding as were many sidewalks. Many New York and New Jersey residents are still grappling with the damages they incurred from Superstorm Sandy that struck in October. Some demolition work had to be stopped  Hoboken in Wednesday because the ground was too soft to support the heavy vehicles needed to carry out the work and lots of customers were dealing with wet basements, finding carpeting and floors with standing water.

In New Brunswick, NJ, several roadways were closed Wednesday because of flooding. Police there were urging motorists to use extreme caution when approaching water covered roads and told drivers to turn around and find alternate routes if they come up a street or road that’s flooded. The heavy rains also affected of the boroughs in New York City as numerous neighborhoods were swamped with water. There were many street closures as well as several inches of water had caused flooding all across the vast city.

The worst of the rain appears to be over for New York and New Jersey, although rain is forecast to fall Thursday – but it won’t be as heavy as it was yesterday. The weekend weather is looking favorable so people who’ve sustained water damage inside their homes and businesses can spend the weekend cleaning up water and drying out their premises.

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