Red River Increasing to Above Major Flood State, Can Be a Hassle for Fargo Residents

Each year residents of North Dakota must face the probability of their home flooding due to the Red River. This year is looking much worse than the others, because the Red River is looking to increase past the major flood state. In years past, the highest the river has ever risen to is 40.8 feet. But this year is different, and the river is looking to rise to about 38 feet. This is 8 feet higher than the major flood level. This means that many homes, businesses, and roads will be destroyed. It is very important to always have an emergency kit together when living close to a river that is prone to rising above the normal level.

The river increasing is dependent upon on the temperatures throughout Monday. If the temperatures increase, then the snow will melt, leading to a rise in the river. Residents of Fargo and Wahpeton are taking matters into their own hands by putting down sandbags, as well as building clay levees to keep the water out. Since Fargo saw a lot of destruction in 2011 with the flood of the Red River, they somewhat know what is coming their way. It is also a good idea to install “checking valves” into your home to stop floodwater from coming into the drains. Sealing up any windows and doors that may be subject to flooding would be a smart idea as well.

Make sure that if you live close to this river that you are prepared. Have an Emergency Kit handy, and the city may ask you to evacuate. Try to avoid traveling on flooded roads, because this could be a hazard to you, and your vehicle.

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