Spring Storm May Bring Heavy Rain and Severe Weather to Parts of US


It is the time of year when people in many part of the US are on the lookout for severe thunderstorms. The states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas are under a moderate to strong risk for some damaging weather today that could include hail, strong winds and even a tornado or two. The Midwest could also see some inclement weather as the system moves its way on a north-northeasterly track towards the Great Lakes.

Out west, an upper low pressure system is pulling in cold air from the north which could result in another shot of heavy snowfall for the central portion of the country and into portions of Nebraska and western South Dakota. The Rockies of Colorado and Wyoming could get the most snow from this system which could total anywhere from twelve to sixteen inches. As this system marches east, it will pull up moisture from the Gulf to bring the potentially severe weather in the nation’s midsection and Midwest.

As the storm system moves north and develops, very heavy rainfall and severe weather will most likely develop over the center of the country Wednesday and Thursday. The Chicago area will see rainy weather Wednesday with very heavy rains and storms Wednesday night through Thursday. The temperatures in the Windy City will change dramatically as well as they’re expected to go from the 40s on Wednesday to the 60s and possibly even 70s by Thursday, all depending upon where the low front settles.

Folks living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota will have to put their hopes for spring weather on hold a bit longer. That area is expected to get rain Wednesday which will turn into snow Thursday. Total accumulation amounts can be anywhere from one to three inches when all is said and done. It is possible that the snow totals could be higher in the Twin Cities as the exact track and speed of the system moving into that state is uncertain.

The part of the country which is at highest risk for tornadoes is the corridor from the south-central states into the mid to lower Mississippi Valley on into the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes through Thursday. A tornado threat also will be developing for parts of Oklahoma late Wednesday night. The National Weather Services says that there is a 50/50 chance of tornadoes developing in the Oklahoma City area overnight Wednesday. There will be strong storms developing there during the afternoon Wednesday that could produce some damaging hail and set up conditions that are just right for the development of tornadoes.

Disaster Pros of Wisconsin and Illinois are deploying additional resources to their water departments to assist with the projected surge in flooding phone calls resulting from the latest batch of severe storms. If you are a property owner in need of assistance, please call 877-351-1910 for assistance.

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