Disaster Pros Provides Tips To Avoid Basement Flooding Disasters As Spring Arrives

Harrison Township, Michigan

Despite the below average temperatures that are hovering over a large portion of the United States, the start of spring this week should serve as a reminder for property owners that weather patterns will likely begin to change.  As a leading disaster recovery contractor, Fire Water and Storm Pros has worked with thousands of customers throughout the Midwest assisting them with cleaning up and drying out their properties from damages caused by spring storms. Many of these floods may have been prevented through some preventative maintenance and landscape improvements. Some of the most important things every property owner should do include:

  • Keep your gutters free of debris and ensure that your downspouts are positioned to displace water away from your homes foundation, ideally at least 3 feet or more.
  • Visually inspect your sump pump well to ensure that there are no debris, and that the float is not jammed and working.
  • Identify any cracks in your foundation or basement walls and have these filled with epoxy
  • Contac a plumber to have your sewer line cleaned if you have experienced previous issues
  • Emergency generators are a great investment to help power sump pumps and refrigerators
  • Review your property insurance policy and consider adding additional coverage if you have a finished basement, as most homeowners insurance coverage does not cover flooding or sewer backups

Many property owners invest thousands of dollars to finish and improve their basements, creating additional living space and recreation rooms for year round enjoyment. Basement flooding can be a stressful and expensive ordeal for a homeowner to deal with.  The best plan to help avert a potential disaster is through visual inspection and routine maintenance. Property owners that notice constant water intrusion and high levels of moisture in their basement should consult with a waterproofing company as this may be an indication that their drain tiles are not working properly. Keeping your basement dry is the best way to prevent mold and mildew from growing, one of the long term problems associated with basement and high levels of moisture in your home.

Disaster Pros  is a division of the National Restoration Network, a leading disaster recovery and property restoration firm. We service members work in Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois and have been assisting property owners since 1979 with repairing properties from fire, flood and storm damage disasters. We’s water damage technicians have been trained by the IICRC, the industry’s leading authority for water damage mitigation, cleaning and restoration certifications.

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