Late Season Winter Storm Causing Problems in Iowa

Heavy snow and high winds made travel extremely dangerous in Iowa Sunday with more problems on the horizon for the beginning of the work week. Numerous counties in northern Iowa were put under winter storm warnings Sunday that were to last through Monday morning with the potential for being extended if the high winds don’t subside.

Portions of Iowa could get up to 10 inches of snow before the winter storm moves out of the state. As conditions worsened in Iowa throughout the day Sunday, dozens and dozens of calls were answered by tow truck operators to help stranded drivers in ditches. In addition to making travel difficult, there are flooding concerns on the minds of many Iowans as the wet snow that’s falling is expected to melt rapidly. Flooding has already occurred in Mitchell County due to melting snow and an overrun of water from the Cedar River.

Meanwhile in Milwaukee, crews worked over the weekend to clear flooded roads across Milwaukee County after rain and melting snow caused some problems. Some two dozen work crews were put on standby because it’s feared that the melting snow will cause even more flooding. Workers spent the greater part of the weekend clearing heavy wet snow and debris from sewer grates as many calls came in from residents across the county about flooded streets and roadways.

The National Weather Service in La Cross, WI issued a winter storm warning Sunday for much of the region
. The service warned people living southwest and northeast of Prairie Du Chien and Austin, MN to be prepared for the possibility of severe flooding because these residents face the biggest threat as up to 8 inches of wet snow may fall by early Monday morning.The National Weather Service reported Sunday that the depth of the frost in that area was 1 ½ to 3 feet which means that rain run-off can happen very quickly because the water cannot soak into the ground. There has already been flooding reported in Fillmore County as several roads there are now impassible. Water has also filled many area ditches which has prompted officials to close some roads and re-route traffic.

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