Midwest Experiencing the Best or Should we Say Worst of Old Man Winter

People living in the Midwest have been riding a weather roller coaster lately. Just last week cities all across the Midwest from Minneapolis to Detroit were in the deep-freeze with daytime highs not reaching much above the 0 mark on thermometers. When the arctic air finally released its icy grip on that part of the country by week’s end, new weather troubles came into play as sleet, freezing rain and dense fog enveloped the Midwest, causing all types of problems ranging from overturned cars on slippery roadways to numerous flight cancellations from Chicago to the Motor City in Michigan.

It was about a week ago that many home and business owners in the Midwest were grappling with frozen and burst pipes and with vehicles that refused to start because of the severe cold. Then when Monday rolled around and it was time to send the kids off to school and head out on those morning commutes to work, Old Man Winter decided to throw freezing rain, sleet and dense fog into the mix. The result was the closure of many schools, roadways and the cancellation of hundreds of flights coming into and departing airports across the Midwest.

What’s in store for the very near future? Rising temperatures with daytime highs above the freezing mark, some patchy fog and the chance of light snow or rain. And, forecasters are warning Midwesterners to brace themselves once again for sub-zero temperatures as by week’s end, another blast of arctic cold air will be bearing down on that portion of the US. However, before the temperatures dip back down again, the highs in some Midwestern cities will be way above normal for this time of year. In Illinois for example, daytime highs Tuesday will be around 62 and for those living in Detroit, the high Tuesday will be around 53 degrees.

Detroiters will once again have to deal with sloppy roads on Wednesday as temperatures will begin to drop at the same time that precipitation is falling. The National Weather Service says that southern Michigan could see a mix of rain and snow on Wednesday. It also is warning that the precipitation could turn to freezing rain or sleet during the day, to once again make roadway travel very hazardous. Motorists across the Great Lakes and those living in the northern Ohio Valley area are being advised to watch for icy spots.

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