Cold Weather Strikes Eastern US

The latest weather prediction models for the US predict that a cold winter is in store for parts of the US and so far, it’s holding true. What’s the cause? Well, believe it or not, it can be blamed on the snow cover in Siberia. The snow cover in Siberia affects weather patterns in the Arctic region so much that it shifts winter temperatures in the US as well as in Europe and East Asia. When Siberia receives a lot of snow in October, it results in the US having a more severe winter with cold temperatures.

The National Weather Service reported this week that 2012 was the warmest year on record for New England. But now that temperatures are dipping down below zero for much of the East Coast, residents of New England are buttoning up and wincing at the irony of it. Most people living in southern New England will see single digits by the end of the work week while those living in the Boston area will see temperatures hovering around 10 degrees.

Boston’s mayor Thomas Menino issues a reminder to his city’s residents to prepare for frigid weather by making their homes as weather-tight as possible and to ensure that their heating systems are running as they should. He is also asking people to think about their shut-in neighbors who may need help keeping their homes warm during the cold snap.

When the temperatures fall into signal digit range, car batteries can die out and pipes can freeze inside homes and businesses. This cold weather pattern should serve as a reminder to folks that it’s important to be sure their vehicle batteries are in good health. In other words, if you know that your car battery is weak and on the way out, replace it immediately. Otherwise have your charger/jumper cables ready both at night and during the early mornings.

To prevent frozen pipes, open cupboard doors such as those under sinks to allow warm air to reach the pipes. Allow water to drip/trickle from faucets as running water cannot freeze. If you plan to leave your home for several days for a vacation or business trip, leave your heat on high enough to prevent the pipes from freezing. It’s wise to ask a neighbor or friend to check on your house daily during cold weather just in case pipes do freeze.

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