Repairs and Cleanup Efforts March on More than Two Weeks Since Sandy Bashed East

It’s been over two weeks since the enormous superstorm Sandy came ashore on the eastern coastline of the United States. While some progress is being made in communities up and down the eastern seaboard, storm victims are grimly looking forward to several more weeks if not months of work to do.

In Hoboken, New Jersey, the storm surge mixed with fuel and sewage, swamped cars and stranded many residents inside their homes for several days. Just this past Sunday, nearly two weeks after the storm struck, power was restored to the storm-ravaged, flooded city although many homes and other buildings are still in the dark due to extensive storm damage.

On the Jersey Shore, which was slammed hard by the storm, homes, businesses and other buildings were rearranged when the ocean surge pushed past sand dunes put in place to hold the water at bay. The Jersey shoreline was hard-hit last year when Hurricane Irene roared ashore and just like then, Sandy pushed deep floodwater into the low-lying neighborhoods along the shore, flooding basements with feet of water and knocking out power. Residents in several New Jersey towns are now left to pick up the pieces of what’s left behind and are trying to repair what’s fixable and throwing out many things which are not.

While Sandy is making life hard for millions of people, the giant storm provided contractors and suppliers with a big boost. There are more contractors in cities and towns up and down the East coast than what homeowners can count. There is a great need for foundation & electrical work, new flooring, replaced appliances and roofing. Trucks are also needed to haul large objects away such as waterlogged furnaces, damaged roofs, decks and other debris that is piling up in communities faster than it is being taken away.

Washing machines & dryers, generators, power saws, ladders and cleaning tools are flying off home improvement store shelves all through the region. And, just as soon as these items are restocked, they are snatched up by people in need. Many desperate homeowners with damage have reported that as soon as they call contractors to get help, they are forced to leave messages and that they are waiting and waiting for return calls that sometimes never come.

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