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West Bloomfield MI Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Restoration

When your home or business suffers water damage, quick repair and restoration is required. The reason every minute counts when dealing with water damage is water damage gets worse with time. Every moment of indecision of a home owner means more water damage. Quick and effective water damage repair from trained and certified professionals can mean the difference between saving building materials and possessions versus losing them. Fire Water and Storm Pros of West Bloomfield, Michigan has over 20 years of experience in emergency water damage cleanup and restoration.

Water Removal and Structural Drying Services

Water Damage ContractorWhat makes Fire Water and Storm Pros of West Bloomfield, Michigan different then many other water damage mitigation companies? We employ the most advanced rapid drying equipment in the field of water damage repair for one. With our advanced rapid drying equipment we can usually have a home or business completely dry with 48 hours or less. We also employ moisture meters to detect any hidden water and moisture, such as water that may have seeped below a floor, or into walls. We have the know how and means to remove even water that a home owner cannot see, yet water that is destroying a home from inside.

As a leading disaster recovery contractor we provide the following services to West Bloomfield property owner: , smoke and fire damage,repairs from storm damage, basement flood damage.

Water damage can be one of the most devastating things to ever face a home owner. Our emergency technician teams are standing by 24/7, and can be dispatched immediately to your home or business. Our emergency technician teams can access the damage and give you a quote on the damage and restoration costs. We will then begin the work immediately after we get your approval. We will even work with your insurance adjuster to help you with your claim. Every bit of damage is recorded by photograph for your insurance adjuster to back up your claim.

Fire Water and Storm Pros of West Bloomfield, Michigan’s water damage repair and water damage restoration teams have the most advanced equipment in the industry, and over 20 years experience necessary to even handle your worst flood problems. Fire Water and Storm Pros of West Bloomfield can even handle content drying and . We can even prevent mold outbreaks from occurring with our sanitization methods we employ. Mold often occurs after water damage as mold thrives in wet and damp environments. we safely dry and disinfect all the areas of the property that have been flooded or damaged by water and rain. Water from a flood is often contaminated with dangerous pathogens, and our expert teams strive to protect our clients from these pathogens with our sanitization methods. We will also deodorize any site should the home or business be effected by any odors from the water damage. We there for test for mold and mildew and treat any bacterial growth in the home.

Our experts even know what is the most important stages to begin first on any given restoration job. We can also temporarily store your personal items safely during the restoration and clean up process and safely deliver them back to you. Fire Water and Storm Pros of West Bloomfield can even handle restoration of documents damage by water if necessary. We can restore anything from building materials to its contents.

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