Anderson Water Damage Restoration

Anderson IN Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Restoration

Water is a destructive force of nature, a destructive one that many home owners in Anderson, Indiana have found out about first hand. Every year hundreds of homes in Anderson, Indiana and Madison County are damaged by water. Water damage can happen to anyone, at any time of the year and for a wide variety of reasons. The causes of water damage to homes and property include broken pipes & hoses, overflowing bathtubs or broken toilets, sewer back up, flash flooding, leaky roofs, storm damage, ice dams, pipes that have burst due to the extreme cold, pools over flowing and the water pouring into ones basement, long term basement humidity and sump pump failure. In truth it doesn’t matter what the source of the water damage was, only that you deal with the water damage quickly. Water damage to your homes building materials and your personal belongings will increase by the hour. Water damage is one of the few types of damage to your home where you cannot wait or put off dealing with, if you do the chances of restoring damaged building materials and contents will greatly be diminished, every hour counts when it comes to water damage.

As a leading disaster recovery contractor in the Anderson area we also provide these additional services, and cleanup, fire damage repairs, flooded basement cleanup, and storm damage recovery for commercial and residential customers.

Most people think water damage is not covered by home owners insurance, but this is only partly true. Flood damage generally is not covered, however there are many types of water damage which are covered fully by standard home owners and renters insurance policies. If a storm breaks your window, permitting rain in to damage your home and personal belongings, this damage would be covered. Storms which lead to a leaky roof, this water damage will be covered as well, if your roof was in a good state of repair at the time of the storm. Water damage caused by a dishwasher, washing machine or other appliance will generally be covered, if the damage was not caused by the appliance not being properly maintained. A general rule to go by when trying to determine if your homes water damage is covered by your standard home owners insurance policy or renters insurance is this: for insurance claims purposes, water damage which is covered occurs when water has damaged your homer before the water has come into contact with the ground, and is not the result of negligence on the home owners behalf, such as failure to maintain your home or appliances.


If your home has been damaged by water in Anderson, Indiana or Madison County, call We emergency water damage cleanup and restoration for help restoring your home back to pre loss condition. We have over 30 years of extensive experience dealing with all types of water damage, and we are a FEMA approved contractor for all manner of disasters. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help assist our customers in their time of need and because we know that water damage is time sensitive. We can have our IICRC certified water damage technicians arrive at your home with in an hour of your call for help in most cases. We offer our clients help with any insurance claim they may have or direct billing, at the customers options. We emergency water damage cleanup and restoration is committed to customer satisfaction and excellence in service. If you have water damage, call the best, call We emergency water damage cleanup and restoration today.

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