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Valdosta Water Damage Restoration

Valdosta GA Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Restoration

Many people have had to suffer through a flooded basement, and are well aware what a hassle it is. You need to get rid of the water, dry out both your belongings and the basement, figure out what caused your basement to flood and try to take some action to prevent your basement from flooding again in the future. You really are best advised to have a professional take care of remediating the problem.

Many different things can cause your basement to flood, from severe weather to plumbing issues. While making sure the problem doesn’t continue to occur will be different for all these causes, the process for clean-up will be the same. If the clean-up is not done completely or correctly, the risk of mold growth is very high, and presents a health hazard to your home and family. If all of the water is not removed and the area remains wet, that wet areas will continue to sustain damage, weakening the structure of your home. Some things that can cause a basement to flood involve extreme circumstances like severe storms or broken pipes, there are other things like living in low laying areas where basement flooding seems like just another day. Regardless of it being a normal occurrence in your home or what hopefully is a once only event, having it taken care of properly by a professional will save you headaches both now and in the future, and Disaster Pros of Valdosta, Georgia is just the professional you need for the job.

As a leading disaster recovery contractor we provide the following services property owners: repairs from storm damagebasement flood damage and fire and smoke damage

Disaster Pros of Valdosta, Georgia is your local expert ready to provide for all your basement flooding needs. The first step to dealing with your basement flood is to remove the water. We have industrial water extractors that will quickly remove all the water so we can then use our state of the art, industrial drying system to remove all the moisture that, if left alone, significantly increases the risk of mold growth. Once the water is removed, and the area completely dry, we can then assess what caused your basement to flood and provide you with options for how to prevent future problems. Sometimes the solution is easy, such as fixing the broken pipe or repairing a sump pump. Other times it may involve things more extensive such as installing a sump pump where one previously did not exist. Regardless of what is needed, we will be able to provide you with viable options and can complete the work for you without you needing to involve multiple contractors.


When you call us, we can usually arrive at your home within an hour of your call. Our IICRC certified technicians arrive in one of our fully equipped trucks ready to begin dealing with your flooded basement. We have the largest fleet of trucks in the industry and each is fully equipped, so every truck has everything needed when it arrives on the job. We have over 30 years’ experience in basement flooding and have worked hard to earn our excellent reputation, and we continue to work just as hard to maintain it. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and goal and we don’t consider any job complete until you, our customer is satisfied. This policy has earned us an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are an approved FEMA contractor as well. We will work with your insurance company from start to finish making sure that nothing is left off your claim. So if you have a flooded basement, call us today and let us show you why we are the best.

Resources for property owners in the Valdosta region:

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