Woodland Park Water Damage Restoration

Woodland Park CO Water Damage Restoration Services & Flood Cleanup

If your property in Woodland Park, Colorado has sustained water damage, you need to act fast. Water damage degrades and damages building materials with the passage of time. Water exposure to your properties building materials and contents may also lead to a mold infestation of your property. With the threat of more damage, as well as mold infestation occurring on your property, it is recommended to repair any water damage as quickly as possible, as well as thoroughly drying out the affected area.

As a leading disaster recovery contractor we provide the following services property owners: , repairs from storm damage, fire and smoke damage and flooding cleanup

flood restoration and drying servicesEvery case of water damage will fall into four classes. Class 1 water damage happens to building materials that release moisture slowly with a slow evaporation rate. These building materials tend to be concrete, plywood, particle board, wood and VCT. Class 1 water damage tends to be confined to a small area. Class 2 water damage has a fast evaporation rate and tends to be water damage to an entire room or area of the home. Water may have soaked into and up the walls by one to two feet. Moisture remains in these building materials which will need to be dried and extracted. Class 3 water damage tends to be damage to an entire floor of the property, large and wide scale water damage, saturating carpeting, ceilings, floors and wall. Class 3 water damage requires immediate attention and high powered water extraction and complete structural drying. Class 4 water damage happens to special building materials with a very low permanence or porosity, such as hardwood floors or brick flooring and will require special equipment to thoroughly extract the water and dry out the building material.

Emergency Water Removal, Structural Drying Services in Woodland Park, CO

Every water damage situation is unique, and every case of water damage will pose it’s own unique set if challenges to complete the restoration, clean up and repair of the affected area and building materials. Fire Water and Storm Pros offers a full range of services to clean up, dry out and repair properties and building materials damaged due to water or flooding. We offer emergency service and a fast response time to your water damage or flood damage emergency. Our team can arrive at your property in under an hour and assess the situation, as well as perform emergency services such as water extraction, pump outs, and securing your personal content in water or flood damaged areas. We also offer complete structural drying, de-humidification, services and sewage remediation. We also offer personal content restoration and cleaning for your water damaged personal possessions, in our large off site content restoration facility equipped with professional drying chambers. Some of the items we typically clean and repair or restore include photos, documents, furniture, family heirlooms, electronics furniture and carpeting. We use the latest and most advanced equipment available, all pre-loaded onto our trucks ready at a moments notice, including our Injectidry and TES drying systems designed to rapidly dry out any water damaged area, and our portable and truck mounted water extraction equipment.

Fire Water and Storm Pros has been in business for over 30 years and is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We carry an “A” rating due to our business ethics and record of complete customer satisfaction. Customers satisfaction is at the core of our business, no job is complete until our customers are 100% satisfied with the results. We also offer an unprecedented best price guarantee, as we believe in offering our clients not only the best service in the industry, but also the best price. We will gladly work with your insurance agency and insurance adjustor, or work directly with you at your preference. If you have sustained water damage to your property be it residential or commercial, call the experts at Fire Water and Storm Pros today for an estimate.

Resources for property owners in the Woodland Park region:

State of Colorado
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