Storm Damage Repairs and Cleanup Merritt Island FL

Merritt Island Storm Damage Cleanup

Merritt Island FL Storm Damage Repair and Cleanup

Storm damage to properties is common in Florida, especially in places like Merritt Island, Florida, which resides on the coast. Business and home owners here experience more precipitation then the national average, as well as higher wind speeds then the national average. palm beach county, where Merritt Island, Florida resides has suffered 20 natural disasters, which is a lot greater then the US average of 12, included is 11 Hurricanes, 3 tropical storms and 1 major storm, this figure does not include the 7 emergencies declared in the area. These figures do not include the multitude of serious storms that often hit the area and cause considerable storm damages to properties. The average insurance claims from regular storms range from $500 and $8000 in property damage. These insurance claims assume the damage was dealt with and repairs effected immediately after the fact, as with storm damage the damage will only get worse if left unrepaired, which in turn increases the eventual cost of repairs once the property owner finally addresses the damages.

We provides additional emergency services in Merritt Island for property owners who need help with fire and smoke damage and flooding cleanup.

While no one can ever prevent storm damage to their property or predict a major storm coming, there are things you can do to be prepared should a major storm or other adverse weather strike. Always have in place a safety plan to ride out any storm, make sure you have supplies such as batteries, food, water and a radio. Also have an evacuation plan in place and a place to reside should your home sustain damage to the point that it is uninhabitable until storm damage repairs have been performed. You should also keep in a safe a list of your valuables with their worth, major receipts and your insurance policy. If you live in a flood zone, consider purchasing a flood rider to your home owners insurance policy as standard home owners insurance does not cover flood damage, standard insurance policies only cover water damage from water that has not first hit the ground.

Another thing a home or business owner should consider is having on hand the number to a reliable storm damage repairs company should the worst happen and your property sustains storm damage. A storm damage repairs contractor differs from a standard home repairs or construction contractor in the fact that a storm damage repairs contractor specializes in storm damage and weather related property damages. Fire Water and Storm Pros of Florida provides storm damage restoration and we have been in business for over 30 years dealing exclusively in disaster and storm related restoration and property repairs. We offer 24 hour service for our customers since disaster can strike at any time, and weather related damage only gets worse as every hour passes.


When you suffer property damage the first step will be to call your insurance agency as they will send out an insurance adjustor to survey and estimate your damages. It is also wise to call Fire Water and Storm Pros storm damage restoration as we can also survey the damage done and make sure your insurance adjustor has reported all the damage that we have found. We will also help you with the filing of your claim at your option, and help you get your claim processed faster.

Fire Water and Storm Pros is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We treat each and every customer with empathy, we know how traumatic storm damage can be. It is our goal to have a team at your property within an hour of your call for help. If you have been the victim of storm damage, call the experts at Fire Water and Storm Pros today.

Resources for property owners in the Merritt Island region:


Florida Emergency Management

State of Florida


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