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Every year multiple residents of Milford, Ohio go through the horrific experience of a house fire. Nothing is more devastating and heart breaking then to watch your home burn in a house fire, watching your biggest investment in life go up in smoke and flames. House fires have many causes such as careless smoking, cooking accidents, bad wiring or electrical issues, heater malfunctions, candles left unattended all night, and even lightening can cause a house fire. Regardless of the cause of the fire, a home fire causes a home to experience two of natures most destructive forces, which is fire and water. The fire that burns your home and possessions and the water that the fire department uses to put out the fire both wreck havoc and damage your home. Many of damaged building materials and contents of your home can be completely restored back to pre loss condition by a certified professional fire and smoke damage restoration company.

As a leading disaster recovery contractor we provide the following services property owners: , repairs from storm damage, basement flood damage and flooding cleanup

burnedbathtubA fire and smoke damage restoration project is not however a task that can be done as a do it yourself project by a home owner, in order for for a successful restoration to be made, a professional must be used. Only a professional fire and smoke damage restoration expert will know exactly what to do, and have the proper equipment needed to get the job done. Many people have attempted to do the job themselves, and instead of restoring their homes building materials and contents, they end up instead permanently damaging them beyond any chance of restoring them. This is because no two fires are alike. Every single fire will pose its own unique set of circumstances and restoration challenges. Variables of every fire include how long the fire burned before being put out, what type of building materials were exposed to direct flame or indirect heat, what was sued to extinguish the fire, was it water or if the fire department used chemical additives to help put the fire out, even the air flow of the home will affect the smoke damage that your homes building materials and contents underwent.

Emergency Smoke Damage Cleanup, Soot and Odor Removal

We fire and smoke damage restoration of Milford, Ohio and Clermont & Hamilton County, Ohio has been restoring homes and businesses that have been damaged by fire and smoke for over 30 years. We are open 24/7/365 for our customers convenience. We have the extensive training, knowledge, equipment and expertise to fully restore fire and smoke damaged homes as well as peoples personal belongings which have been fire and smoke damaged. We can clean and restore your personal belongings at our off site content restoration facility. We have restored contents that many home owners had thought were a total loss. We remove all smoke odors from your home and property, restore your homes salvageable building materials and contents and we replace any building materials which may be a total loss.

We fire and smoke damage restoration is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We place customer satisfaction as our number one priority and this is a matter of public record. If you have recently experienced a home fire, call We fire and smoke damage restoration today for a assessment of the damages and have one of our IICRC certified technicians develop a complete restoration plan for your property.

Resources for property owners in the Milford region:

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State of Ohio


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