Iowa City Fire Damage Cleanup


Iowa City IA Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Sadly many homes through the years in Iowa City, Iowa have suffered from fires and had to deal with fire and smoke damage as a result. We will help you with the board up, the removal of soot and smoke, and even help with restoring your personal belongings. Time is of the essence when dealing with fire damage. There can also be additional water damage in your home because when the fire had to be put out, the fire department used water. This standing water in your home can lead to mold and mildew, and that can add even more damage to your home. It is best to call the professionals when dealing with these problems.Smoke damage can be one of the most disastrous pitfalls a business owner or home owner can face.

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Emergency Smoke Damage Cleanup, Soot and Odor Removal For Iowa City and Surrounding Areas

The key to any fire smoke damage restoration job is knowledge, expertise and proper equipment for the job, which is why it is highly advisable to leave this job to professionals who have years of experience in fire and smoke damage restoration. One such company is Fire Water and Storm Pros of Des Moines, Iowa. Fire Water and Storm Pros has over 20 years experience in restoring homes and Commercial properties that have been damaged by fire and smoke. Fire Water and Storm Pros offers 24 hour response for commercial and residential fire and smoke damage restoration, and we can usually arrive on scene in an hour or less to give you an assessment and estimate for services and begin the process of repair and restoration. Our experts are highly trained and know how to deal with any type of smoke or fire damage, of any scale.

Most insurance policies require you to minimize additional damage, so we offer emergency board up services. Our fire damage restoration team will remove any fire damage, smoke damage and water damage from residential or commercial properties. If your home has also suffered water damage from putting out the fire, we can also perform a water extraction and restore any damage done by the water. Fire Water and Storm Pros has helped hundreds of people put their homes and business back together after a partial or total fire loss. AT Fire Water and Storm Pros we not only restore peoples property and possessions, we restore peoples peace of mind.

We provides additional emergency services in Iowa City for property owners who need help with cleanup of black mold, basement flood damage cleanup, repairs from storm damage and cleanup from flooding.

Fire Water and Storm Pros of Iowa City, Iowa, will work with almost any major insurance carrier in the state of Iowa. We have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters and insurance claims, and can help you with the filing of your claim. We thoroughly document all fire, smoke and water damage, including by photograph when necessary. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Fire Water and Storm Pros can provide immediate emergency assessment of your properties structure, electrical system and plumbing. If you have been the victim of a fire, call us today to see what our expertise and years of experience can do for you.

Resources for property owners in the Iowa City region:

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