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Every year in Clearwater, Florida there are over 20 property fires a year on average. A property fire can very quickly destroy ones home or business. No one ever expects to the victim of a fire. Ask anyone who has ever experienced the horror of a house fire if they ever in their wildest dreams thought they would ever experience a property fire, and 99% of the time or more the answer will be a resounding no. Most people do not know what to do other then call 911 and their insurance company after the damage is done. A fire not only destroys and damages a property, it displaces people from their homes and businesses.

heavy soot from a fire disasterWitnessing a fire to your home can be a devastating occurrence for any homeowner. No one ever wants to see their home or personal belongings in flames. The aftermath of a fire can cause a lot of stress, and we want to take that stress off of your shoulders. At Fire Water and Storm Pros of Florida, we will be out to your location as soon as the first responders leave and will assess any damage done to your home. There is a possibility of smoke damage, heat damage, and even water damage after a fire. The best option in this situation is to call the professionals. Being a seasoned company who has extensive experience in this field, we know that you may want to try to fix up your home on your own. The problem with that is that there are things that can only be seen with a trained eye, and we can spot those things easily and fix them accordingly.

We provides additional emergency services in Clearwater for property owners who need help with storm damage and flooding cleanup.

While it may seem when looking at the fire charred remains of your property that it is hopeless to restore the property, nothing could be further from the truth. Today, thanks to modern technology and advanced construction technology, fire and smoke damaged buildings can often be restored fully. While some building materials may need to be replaced, such as materials which were wholly or partially consumed by direct flame, many of your homes building materials can be saved by a fire and smoke damage restoration contractor. A professional can even restore many personal items which have sustained smoke damage or fire damage.


Fire Water and Storm Pros of Clearwater, Florida is here to help. We offer a full range of fire and smoke damage restoration services. We are open 24 hours a day and we are available for emergency service at any hour, we know how traumatic a fire is, as well as the need for emergency services such as emergency board up service to secure whats left of your property. Many insurance companies will require you to board up the windows and doors after a fire, so no trespassers or children can wander in and get injured. Emergency board up service also helps to protect your property from further damage.

Fire Water and Storm Pros has over 30 years of experience in restoring properties damaged by fire, smoke and water. We carry the largest selection of advanced equipment for restoring and cleaning up damaged properties, as well as the largest fleet of restoration trucks and staff in the industry. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and IICRC certified. We will work with your insurance agency every step of the way and even help you with your claim if needed. If you are facing the after math of a fire, call us today for assistance to restoring and rebuild your home.

Resources for property owners in the Clearwater region:

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