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If you have had the misfortune to experience a property fire, there are some things you can follow to deal with the fire damage properly. It is vital when dealing with fire damage to follow certain steps to ensure that your property is restored fully and to mitigate any further loss to your home or business.

As a leading disaster recovery contractor in the Lynwood area we also provide these additional services, and cleanup, flooded basement cleanup, water damage restoration and fire and smoke damage repairs for commercial and residential customers.

Here is a simple check list to follow if you have experienced a property fire:

  • Do wait to enter the property until given the all clear from the fire Marshall. Even if the fire is out, their may be toxins, unstable building materials and other dangers to contend with.
  • Do make arrangements to have your property secured with emergency board up service. This will protect your property from theft, as well as to prevent damage from the elements and the weather. It will also prevent intruders from inuring themselves and you being liable. Fire, smoke and water damage professionals like Fire Water and Storm Pros offer emergency board up service.
  • If the fire happened to your home, arrange a place for your family to stay temporarily. The red cross and salvation army may be able to help in the short term.
  • Contact a fire, smoke and water damage restoration service such as Fire Water and Storm Pros of Lynwood, California, They will be able to survey the damage and provide you with a written estimate and aide you in your insurance claims process.
  • Contact your insurance agency to start the claims process. They will likely send an insurance adjuster to come survey the damage. Have your fire, smoke and water damage restoration company meet with your insurance adjuster to make sure your insurance adjusters estimate matches what your property restoration contractor has estimated. Insurance adjusters often try to minimize claims, but companies like Fire Water and Storm Pros will advocate on your behalf.
  • Notify the utility companies of the fire. The utilities may need to be shut off.

inside smoke damageTake an inventory of your losses and conduct inventory of your possessions. Have a professional inspect your damaged personal property for any salvageable contents that can be professionally cleaned and restored. Companies like ours, Fire Water and Storm Pros can often fully restore some and heat damaged personal possessions if we are called in quickly.

Videotape and photograph the damage that has occurred, as it may come in handy later on.

Now with that being said there are some things you should not do following a fire. These include:

  • Do not try to reconnect your utilities yourself.
  • Do not open fire safe boxes hours after a fire, the air inside may be at a high temperature and opening it to soon may cause a flash fire and burn your documents.
  • Do not remove or throw away damaged personal contents or building materials. Wait until your insurance agency gives you the green light to begin that process, as doing so before they allow it may interfere with any claim you may have.
  • Do not try and clean up smoke and fire damage yourself, you may end up causing further damage or even get sick doing so due to the release of chemicals and toxins trapped into building materials and personal contents following a fire. This is especially true with attempting to use commercial cleaning products.

If you have been the victim of a fire, you need the services of a professional fire, smoke and water damage restoration service. Fire Water and Storm Pros of Lynwood, California can evaluate your fire damage, network with your insurance agency and make sure the exact scope of your loss is taken fully into account with any open insurance claim you may have. We can perform an emergency board up and offer you pack out service to move your items to a secure location and protect them from any further damage. We can often restore your heat and smoke damaged personal possessions and this expense is factored into your insurance claim.


Once you have signed off on us to begin the work, we will contact your insurance agency and begin the clean up and restoration process. We uses the most advanced and up to date equipment available, including ultrasonic equipment to remove soot and grime, treating air and smoke damaged building materials with ozone machines and air scrubbers. We also make use of hyroxyl machines. Our contents restoration professionals will restore any salvageable person possessions at our off site contents cleaning and restoration facility. Finally our in house reconstruction team will rebuild the damaged areas of your home or business.

We service has been providing fire, smoke and water damage restoration services for over 30 years. We are IICRC certified, as well as a FEMA approved contractor. We are open 24 hours a day to assist you with around the clock emergency service. If you have been the victim of a fire, call us for an estimate for our full fire damage restoration services, our friendly staff is on hand 24 hours a day to assist you.

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